December 11:

Jake’s Book Launch!

Be the first to get your hands on Jake’s new book: a collection of 115 imaginative and hilarious cartoons! Do  you dare to explore what’s behind… JAKE’S DOOR?

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Fun fact: This is book makes a great Christmas gift!

A sneak peak at some comics…
What people are saying about Jake’s book!
“I like everything about Jake’s cartoons — the easy and simple visual style, the wit, the dry sense of humor. These are wonderful cartoons, with several at New Yorker-level quality. BTW, I am the author of 100 books, and Jake is a better author at age 14 than I am at 63.”

Bob Bly Copywriting legend,

“Jake’s ability to set up, and then slam dunk a laugh, in the span of just a couple panels is brilliant. The immediate comparison is to Gary Larson.  But some of these are next level conceptual thinking. Page 9 would make M.C. Escher proud. And page 73 belongs in a pitch to NETFLIX.  This is a set of ironic, sarcastic, and often dark tales that belong in the company of the “Sunday funnies” greats.”

Ian Hannin Artist and Designer, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Disney, Netflix, Hulu

“This book is bonkers good. Someone should make it into a movie.”

Jason Brubaker LA based Indie Filmmaker

“Jake is seriously funny. I’m not even kidding, I think these are better than the Far Side.”

Colin Jake’s best friend in 9th grade

Friday, December 11th is Jake’s big book launch (and also his birthday!) Look for his book on sale at!