The Story of Door Comics

By Jake’s dad (and biggest fan):

From an early age, Jake has always been highly creative.  And one of the impressive things to me is, it was never important that people praise him, or even that they see it.  He simply likes to make stuff.

So when we got a white board for his door, it was initially used to put up “Keep Out” warnings to his siblings.  But then one day, a comic appeared- which was really funny.

The next morning, it was gone- and a new one appeared.  Again, it made me laugh.  This became a routine- I’d wake up, and before going downstairs I’d check his door.

The only down side is, the old comics were lost forever!  So I started snapping pics on my phone to archvie these drawings.  When I had about 60 saved on my phone, we posted the pic on Facebook to family and friends.  With Jake’s permission, of course.  Everyone raved… but that’s family.

On a whim, I decided to post one of these comics to Reddit- just to see what an online community (who has no problems calling it like they see it) would think.  Incredibly, people from all over the world seemed to love these unique “door comics”, and Jake just kept drawing!

Interestingly, the only critique Jake would receive (and he got it a lot) was that people were skeptical this was really a 14 year old kid- but rather a ruse to gain popularity online.  Of course, this was really a huge compliment, since there’s no way I could be as artistic (or as funny!) as my son.  Here’s an example:

“Why do you claim these cartoons are the work of a child? Is to make them seem more interesting or relevant? It’s quite pathetic. I’m a trained artist. I know children’s work when I see it. And this clearly is not the work of a child. Shane on you. SHAME.”

After so many of these, we felt we needed to issue a response. So we made the video below, and posted to Reddit and Instagram.

Some examples of “raw” door comics!