About Jake

Jake Hamilton is an ordinary 14 year old kid with an extraordinary ability to make people laugh through his unique style of comics drawn on his bedroom door whiteboard. 

A long time ago,before the family friend, and long time fan of Jake’s drawings, challenged him with a drawing prompt: “Can Jake make a comic based on the saying “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”?

Jake accepted the challenge, and drew a comic that night. What happened next was very unexpected, though. After posting this comic on Reddit, over 40,000 strangers liked it enough to give an upvote!

Jakes circuits were understandably blown, but the thought of making people smile around the world (when we all could really use a reason to smile) prompted him to continue drawing and posting his art.

And now, armed with an insightful wit, a dry erase marker, and a heart of gold, Jake has inspired tens of thousands of worldwide fans who eagerly await his weekly “door comics” online postings.

When not creating, Jake can be found riding bikes, practicing Tae Kwon Do, and playing with his amazing little dog Cooper.